Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Who Let The Birds Out?

I was out with the dogs this morning and coming back to the house, noticed a large number of birds in the apple trees in my yard.  I quickly put the dogs in the house, apologized for not feeding them breakfast and grabbed my binoculars.  I'm glad I did!  Ten house finches were huddled among the top branches of  an apple tree.  Then I  spotted three juncos flicking through leaf litter by the garden shed.  There were a lot of birds in the privet hedge in my neighbor's yard and on closer inspection I saw half a dozen robins and the same number of cedar waxwings.  They were eating the purple privet berries.  I was able to get a great look at the waxwings and noted their yellow tail tips.  This mixed group then came into my yard and hung out in the apple trees.  Twenty-five starlings swooped into the maple tree in front of the house- I know because I was counting .  It just so happened to be a feeder watch day so I was very excited and noting every bird I saw.  Two hairy woodpeckers, one downy woodpecker, a chickadee, a tufted titmouse, and white breasted nuthatch all visited the feeders or yard.  Wow!  Who let the birds out?  Last week's feeder watch results were four house sparrows.  I'm eager to see what goes on tomorrow.


  1. That's amazing to hear. Gene wondered if Alfred Hitchcock was anywhere around? (Of course!) He then admitted 'The Birds' scared the heck out of him when he was a boy.

    That's a mighty high number of birds!. Over 60? What's been the maximum number you counted in just your and a neighbor's yard?

  2. That count was probably the highest number of birds I've had in the yard at one time.

  3. As of today,is that number in your yard remain the highest?