Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring is Almost Here!

First sighting for me of a Bald Eagle down at Round Lake was on March 15.  Today, March 17, a Great Blue Heron flew over my head as I was walking on Janes Avenue.  It was heading west, coming from the lake.  Ice is not out yet on the lake although where the inlet comes into the lake there is a stretch of open water.  I can't wait to get out in my kayak.  I'm very curious about what will go on down at the heron rookery this season.  There was only one active Heron nest last season and Ospreys were hanging out by and in one of the nests in the rookery.  I had hoped to go down the old trolley tracks to check on the nests before the snow melted but did not have a chance.  Now it will be muddy and flooded and the ticks will be out.  Two years ago hiking in there I got covered with ticks.  I rather wait for open water and paddle down the outlet to the rookery.  Stay tuned! 

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