Thursday, March 1, 2012

Our First Snow February 29- March 1, 2012

So we finally got a snowfall!  Just as I could see a snowdrop flower begin to open and my daffodils were up about an inch and a half.  No worries though because in a couple of days it will be up close to fifty degrees.  We'll be slogging through mud.  I got out for a couple of walks to take some pictures.  The ice is going out on Round Lake.  We had gusty, high winds over the weekend of February 25-26 which probably helped to break up the ice.  Last year ice out was April sixth.  The first picture is of the Bald Eagle probably waiting for open water.  Then there was snow but the ice is receding!  A walk in the woods at the end of Peck Avenue.  The last picture is of a Tufted Titmouse in my apple tree.  He's cracking open a sunflower seed. 

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