Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Bug in My Ear!!!!

 So, after a long day of hiking, thirteen hours and eighteen miles to be exact,  I was home eating dinner at eleven P.M.  I felt a bug on my face while sitting on the couch shoveling pasta into my mouth.  I swatted it away.  It went into my ear.  I was up  and on my feet at that point.  I may have been yelling.  I did not know what kind of bug it was.  I felt its wings whirring in my ear.  I heard its wings whirring in my ear, my right ear.  The dogs were barking and my husband was yelling and I was shaking my head to get the bug out.  It was flying down the canal.  It was NOT coming out.  Dan, my husband, was googling what to do when a bug is in your ear.  I was dancing\ jumping\ yelling and trying in a not so calm way to calm everyone down, including myself.  Dan poured mineral oil into my ear in hopes of drowning the bug.  I felt the oil, the bug, and a pulsing sensation.  I thought bee, deer fly- something with wings.  How could this be happening?  I was tired and hungry and it was our twenty-seventh anniversary!  The bug was not budging.  Dan tried tweezers, and flashlight and sucking it out with a turkey baster.  He tells me I was jumping around like crazy.  Well, yes!  We went to the E.R.  It was midnight.  I told my situation to the receptionist.  The poor woman...  Who knows who will come in with what.  I was covered with mineral oil and I still had a cake of mud on my legs from the hike, even after showering.  Dan had not showered.  His legs were covered with mud.  We had walked for miles up and down a stream bed which was the trail.  There was a lot of opportunity for mishap - a slip - some broken bones. But no - a bug in my ear.  The first nurse tried hard with washes and rinses and a probe.  The bug was dead she said.  My friend, Kristin, another nurse, came into the room.  We exchanged greetings.  She knew of a tool with a suction cup.  A third nurse came in with that tool.  I squeezed Dan's hand as she pulled out the beetle.  I had to take it home to photograph.  She placed it in a urine cup.  I was happy and relieved.  It was a BEETLE!  Are you kidding me?  It was a memorable day.  It was our twenty-seventh wedding anniversary.  It was our thirty-seventh high peak out of forty-six.  It is our story.

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