Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Female Ruby-throated Hummingbird Preening

One late August morning while having breakfast on my porch, I noticed two hummingbirds flying wildly around the garden.  I didn't even to try to take a picture of the two female hummers that zoomed through the garden chasing each other.  They each wanted ownership of the small tube nectar feeder hanging from my garden shed.  For about ten minutes, each one would attempt a drink and the other would fly at it and chase it away.  My coffee got cold while I watched their frantic antics!  Finally, one won out over the other and drank in peace.  After a very long sip of nectar, she retired into the apple tree.  I quickly got my camera and through the lens could see that she was preening herself.  She must have sat on the branch for fifteen minutes  carefully cleaning her wings, back, stretching around like I never imagined one could stretch.  She even brought her tiny foot up to scratch her face.  So wonderful to have been able to view this.

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