Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Got Out

Sign from Zim-Smith Trail

Old Snowy Jalopy

Bracket Fungi

Tall Pines

Judy, Becca and Windpaw on Loop Trail
Frigid temperatures, a foot of snow, rain, ice, wind chills of well below zero, this is how the first week of January 2014 played out. Before being iced over, the snow was light, powdery, and clinging to everything. I got out on Saturday and Sunday, January fourth and fifth, for a little snowshoeing. I stayed local both days, first going to the Usher Road State Forest on Saturday. You can take the Zim- Smith trail south to a sign that indicates the state forest land and loop. You can also drive to a parking area on Ushers Road to do the 1.5 mile loop trail. The trail is flat with lots of old White Pines, and a  couple of little bridges over streams. We didn't see any wildlife but the impressive pines, clear blue skies, crisp air and time spent with friends made for a great trip.

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