Monday, January 6, 2014

Northern Flicker Settles for Suet

It was minus three degrees on the morning of January third. The snow was just winding down after falling for twenty-four hours. The bird feeders in my yard were crowded during the storm and with this morning's frigid temperature were again being visited by a number of birds. A Northern Flicker caught my eye as it flew in and landed on a suet cage. Usually these woodpeckers are ground feeders, sucking up ants and beetles. With a foot of new snow blanketing the yard not an ant was to be had. The flicker settled for  blueberry suet, chiseling the frozen cake with its curved bill. I got pictures through my glass paned kitchen door. Dog slobber on the glass makes it look like I used a filter! It was just too cold to go out on the porch to take his picture plus I didn't want to scare him off. He came back in the afternoon.

Male Northern Flicker

Beautiful Markings
Note the Black Moustache

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