Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snowy Barred Owl in Woods

On Monday morning January twenty-seventh at around nine, I was walking through the woods with my dog. The slightest of sounds made me look up at a white pine tree. There, on an upper branch, sat a Barred Owl. I quickly walked past the tree for about ten yards. Hoping I hadn't disturbed it, I then took a look back. Just beautiful! It seemed that its eyes were partially closed. I wondered if it would be roosting there for a bit. I got back twenty minutes later with my camera. It was perched in the same spot. After taking a few pictures I left since the click of the camera was bothering it. Notice the bark off the branch in places. I am thinking it is a favorite roost and the talons are wearing the bark away. We were having a snow squall and the third picture shows snow coating the owl's head.
Barred Owl in Woods South of Village

It turned its back on me!

Head turned almost 180 degrees

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