Thursday, February 6, 2014

Tipsy Robins?

Large flocks of robins have been around all winter here in Round Lake. In past years, I usually see a few on the trail south of the village hanging out with bluebirds. They like eating the staghorn sumac which is along the trail's edge. In February of 2008 I counted thirty-six robins on and near an apple tree by the Crandall farm. They were eating the old fruit. I was doing the Great Backyard Bird Count and remember being excited for that high count. This autumn we had a bumper crop of apples and crab apples. The robins have taken advantage of this great food source. They can be seen busy devouring fruit still left on trees and that which has fallen on the ground. I've watched them descend on a tree, finish off the fruit in a day or two and then move on to another. Sometimes there are Cedar waxwings and bluebirds along with them. Robins are known to gorge on fermented apples to the point of becoming tipsy. When a flock arrived on my trees and driveway I looked closely to see how they were behaving. All birds seemed to be under control. No rockin' robins!!

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