Thursday, February 12, 2015

Round Lake Deer Bed Down on Old Trolley Line

On February eighth, after a delicious breakfast at The Mill, I snowshoed down the old trolley line with friends, Sue, Tom, and Judy. ( Dan was home making an eight hour all-grain mash for a 5 gallon batch, of Imperial IPA with home-grown hops!). There were a lot of fresh deer tracks crisscrossing the line. When we got further away from Route 9, we began seeing deer beds. They look like large depressions in the snow. Leaves were showing on the ground in the beds while the snow, in between beds, was trampled down. Tracks led in and out of the areas.
Deer Beds

Deer Bed

Deer Beds

Busy Beavers

Looking North from Trolley Line

Chilling the Mash
We saw a couple of dozen active beds, as well as, some that had been abandoned and were semi-filled with fresh snow. We didn't go all the way to the outlet because we saw that the deer were on the move. We did not want to stress them with all the snow on the ground and another storm on the way. (Storm number three had already started.) It's a quiet spot for a winter yard with lots of twigs, nuts, lichen, and fungi to eat. We also saw evidence of beaver activity and fox tracks. Our local wildlife is enduring a frigid, snowy winter indeed!

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