Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Around the Village in Photos: April 9 - 15, 2015

A few lingering snow mounds, ice-out on the lake, turtles and frogs and flowers ( oh my! ), and cleaning the Wood Duck nest boxes, or not!
North Facing

You Can Do It!!!

Cleaning the Wood Duck Box: Thank you Morgan, Egan, Cecily, Katherine, Reed, and Aiden

Reed Holding Fresh Cedar Chips for the Wood Duck Nest Box

Morgan, Egan, and Reed: Young Naturalists!

Wood Frogs in Vernal Pool on Zim-Smith Trail

Coltsfoot in Bloom on Connector Trail

Ice-out April 11 and Bufflehead Scratches Head: Why so Long Winter, Why So Long?

Baby Squirrels Discovered by Green Hour Group in Second Wood Duck Box

Four Squirrel Babies in Wood Duck Nesting Box: No Cleaning Today!
I have learned to knock on the Wood Duck nesting boxes before opening them after having a mouse run up out of the cedar shavings, pop through the nest hole, and stand on the top of the box giving me the evil eye. Today we knocked and said hello and an adult squirrel jumped out of the box. When we took turns peeking in we saw four baby squirrels curled up together at the bottom of the box. Sorry Wood Ducks! Go over to the vacant box by Florence's house.

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