Friday, January 29, 2016

Let's Take A Closer Look: Wow ! That's A Really Large...

So Great-horned owls stay on the north side of the village, while Barred owls stay on the south, Washington Avenue and Wood Road. Great-horns will go after eggs, young, and the adult Barreds, themselves, so understandly, Barred owls keep their distance. Walking my dog through the ballfield, I came across what I thought was poop with lots of hair in it. I went back for a closer look and with a stick, broke one open. All hair and bones. An owl pellet! A Large owl pellet. I decided to scoop them up and take them home so I could dissect them. Don't do this after eating a meal! I was a bit quesy but very interested. I have saved the large one to show a preschool class but will show you what I've found so far.
Pellets Found Under Tree in Foreground

Mole Hills right by Tree

Larger Pellet

Smaller Pellet Pulled Apart by Me


WOW, That's a Large Pellet

Smaller Pellet

Bones and Hair

Incisor Tooth and Molars indicate a rodent

So, I will be getting back to you with more info, bones, and pictures!

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