Monday, June 20, 2016

Wood Duck Baby Left Behind at Deb's House on June 14, 2016

Deb Rice, a Round Lake resident and our former Post Mistress, has not had an easy time with Wood Ducks this season. A female duck came down her chimney, landing in her wood stove. Then a male Wood Duck took a quick trip down her chimney and into the cellar. He eventually walked out and flew off. The day Deb capped her chimney and could sit back and relax, she found a lone baby Wood Duck in her yard. She rescued it from cats and put it in a carrier. Then she called me wondering what to do about the baby. Last year, after finding a dozen abandoned baby Wood Ducks, the rehabber told me to try and find the mother to reunite them all. Easier said then done. I drove and walked all around the village and found not one duck. I did the same thing for Deb's duck and no mama was located. I called the rehabber and she said she could take the baby. She is Awesome! She is part of Northeast Wildcare. The baby Wood Duck became roomies with a Mallard baby, in a tub heated underneath with a heating pad. There were also eighteen raccoons, squirrels and two baby deer which she was caring for.
Round Lake Baby Wood Duck at Rehabbers

Two Orphaned Deer Babies

They are Beautiful! Their Eyelashes Were So Long!

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