Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Out and About: The Blizzard of 2017 STELLA

It has been two weeks since a blizzard, named Stella, dumped over twenty inches of snow down on us. The date was March fourteenth. The storm lasted about twenty-four hours and at times, was coming down at the rate of three to four inches an hour. The wind whipped the snow everywhere creating drifts and whiteout conditions. Everything was closed and we were told to stay off the roads because plows couldn't keep up with the storm. I managed to take a few pictures outside but it was warmer and much drier in the house. I had a record number of American Tree Sparrows on the ground, in my yard, trying to eat sunflower seeds before the seeds got buried. They and Dark-eyed Juncos resorted to eating seeds from garden plants which were above the snow drifts. It seemed that the same four starlings ate an entire suet cake while the storm raged. Temperatures were a low of nineteen and a high of twenty-four.
Today, March twenty-ninth, there are still patches of snow here and there, some mounds from plowing, and ice on the lake except for the shorelines and middle. There is snow in the forecast for Friday. However, I have a few snowdrops blooming in my garden. That gives me hope!
Children's Playground

The Storm Intensified

Hard to See the Playground

Spring in One Week?!?!

Looking out at the Lake from Ames Avenue

Six American Tree Sparrows and Two Dark-eyed Juncos

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