Thursday, March 9, 2017

Out and About: Ice-Out, Ice Back, Ducks, Geese, and Eagles

This year the ice went out on Round Lake March first after four days of temperatures in the high sixties. Temperatures dropped below freezing over the first weekend of March so a skim of ice formed back on the water. On Monday, the sixth, I went down to check out the lake. There were a lot of ducks huddling on the ice, some standing on one leg while warming the other under their feathers.  Geese came in for icy landings and did the same. Far across on the south shore, Bald Eagles harassed ducks up into frantic flying flocks.  The eagles swooped after them. Unfortunately they were too far over to get clear photos. In the afternoon I had to go back for more entertainment! A Bald Eagle was sitting on the ice. It flew up to a tree by the inlet, joining a second eagle. They presided over the lake from their perch. Ice was gone by the next day.

Icy Landing


Cold Feet


Round Lake's Bald Eagles

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