Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Out and About: Birds, Wildflowers and a Caged Squirrel

It's my favorite time of year! So much to see around our village, along the Zim-Smith Trail and in the woods. I came upon a red squirrel dining happily inside Steve and Alysse's feeder on Andrews Avenue. When I walked back past it had squeezed out and was probably in the woods hanging out by the shagbark hickory, a favorite haunt, near Griffin's Ridge. The Wood Thrushes are singing away by South Lawn. A Veery, which is a forest thrush, came out of the woods and actually stayed still so I could get photos. I have heard the Baltimore Orioles on the trail but they tend to be way up in the canopy and so are difficult to see. You will probably hear the Ovenbird too. Its call sounds like " Teacher, teacher, teacher, teacher, teach." I had a first sighting of a male Ruby-throated Hummingbird on May Ninth. It came to a sugar water feeder on my porch. The next day I saw one come to the feeder and at the same time, in the same glance, saw a Bald Eagle flying. Amazing! The smallest and largest birds in our area seen in one look. Enjoy the Spring!
Red Squirrel Dines Privately

Veery along trail and edge of Peck Avenue Woods

Gray Catbird Foraging for Insects along Trail

Trout Lily

Trout Lilies and Their Speckled Leaves

Jacks-in-the Pulpit Peck Ave Woods along trail edges

Patch of Yellow Violets on trail just south of Griffin's Ridge

A Closer Look at a Columbine which attracts Hummers

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