Friday, March 2, 2018

Out and About: The View from my Porch

Yesterday the yard was absolutely clear of snow and ice. The mud in the driveway was manageable. I took a walk down to the lake and saw two mature Bald Eagles standing out on the ice. There was some open water where the inlet comes into the lake by Route 9. Were the eagles hopeful too? Open water for fishing and uncovered grass and ground to see and catch dinner? Back up in the village,  bluebirds were out and about in Pat's farm field and chickadees were singing their " hey sweetie" call. It almost felt and smelled like spring. Then... BAM!!! Not yet. First, another round of snow. I just looked out my door this morning in amazement and frustration.  However, there were the birds out and about, hunkered down in the apple trees, clinging to the feeders, and scouting around the yard for food. They looked beautiful against the snowy backdrop. I took some photos and am avoiding shoveling! Here they are.
Back in February's Ice Age: Breakfast Together

Mourning Dove in Apple Tree This Morning

Carolina Wren Strikes a Pose

And Another

Downy Woodpecker and Carolina Wren on Suet Cage

Dark-eyed Junco

American Goldfinch

Too Much

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