Saturday, April 14, 2018

Out and About: Spring Where Are You???

I have been waiting to write a post announcing spring is finally here. Titles like," So Happy It's Spring!!!" or" Spring Has FINALLY Sprung!" However, with a forecast of freezing rain, sleet and temperatures in the thirties for tomorrow, April 15th, I can not proclaim with jumping joy that it feels like Spring. I have noticed around the village though, a few events that go along with the spring season. Skunk Cabbage came up in wet areas around the middle of March. I was able to see the flower hidden inside as I caught it early enough. Snowdrop flowers were next up along with crocuses. Coltsfoot is currently blooming by the stream heading over to Griffin's Ridge. On April 2nd I watched an eagle sitting on the lake's ice which was going, going, gone on the fourth after high winds and rain. Then on April sixth, as I was watching robins looking for worms in the children's playground, it began to snow. I thought the robins looked unhappy. I know I was. Thankfully, it did not last long. Carolina Wrens have been sneaking around my garden shed. When I looked in to see if they had found real estate, they certainly had. A nice little domed nest was made in a hanging basket. A couple of days later I peeked in and the nest was occupied by mama. Wood Ducks have been making their rounds looking for real estate as well. The Green Hour group and I went to clean out a nest box for the ducks and discovered a trembling mouse inside. Hoping the mouse family will vacate soon. Lastly, I heard peeper and wood frogs between Herlihy Road and the Zim Smith Trail. If you go on Herlihy and look in the spring pools, staying very still, you can see the wood frogs. I used binos to get a close up look. So there you have it, a few signs that spring is underway. Happy April All!!!
Skunk Cabbage: Flowers First then Leaves

A Closer Look: Skunk Cabbage Flower Inside A Spathe(Looks Alien)


Ice Going Out on April Second

Bald Eagle Overseeing Ice Out

Unhappy, Snowy Robins


Coltsfoot with Flowers Open

Carolina Wren Nest

A Closer Look

Great Blue Heron Nests on Ballston Creek(9 and a half standing as of March 25th)