Friday, November 16, 2018

Out and About: I was Waiting for Indian Summer

I have been hoping we would still get a few days of Indian Summer. Temperatures in the sixties, lots of sunshine and blue skies is what I was waiting to see. A nor'easter is what we got instead bringing us about a half a foot of snow last night through this morning. Looking back at last year's notes, I was reminded that we got a dusting of snow on November twentieth. On December ninth it snowed a couple of inches and then again
on December twelfth. I forgot that in 2016 it snowed two inches before Halloween on October twenty-seventh. I forced myself out of the house this afternoon with my camera to take some photos. The village is always so beautiful after it snows! Take a look.
Capped Coneflower


Schoolhouse Park
Sycamore Sisters on South Lawn


The Grass is Always Greener

Sledding Hill

Fly and Be Free

South Lawn

Peck Avenue Woods


Shark Attack

Snow Stream

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