Thursday, January 24, 2019

Out and About: Frozen

By the middle of the month it finally became cold enough to freeze the lake, the new ice rink by the basketball court, puddles, and streams. A huge snow storm came through between January 19th and 20th and dumped over twenty inches of snow. The exact amount was difficult to measure as the snow was powdery and the wind drifted it around. Bitter cold came our way after that with temperatures below zero at night and only as high as 5 degrees or low teens for a couple of days. But then... a high of 48 degrees today and lots of rain. Temperatures are heading back down to below freezing which means the whole village will be an ice rink. My dog is not happy at all about any of this weather and I don't blame him. I get him a few feet out the door before he does a u-turn. I did push myself out of the house a couple of times to take some photos. Take a look and stay warm and walk carefully out and about!

Round Lake

Ice Rink

Ice Feeder and Cheerio Garlands for Wildlife by Green Hour Group

Look Who Found the Treats

Devouring a Garland

Snow Storm from my Front Door

Schoolhouse Park

Pat's Field Cleveland Avenue

Stream by Field

South Lawn

Peck Avenue Stream