Thursday, March 28, 2019

Out and About: Is It Spring Yet?

March came in with five inches of fresh snow from a storm the last day of February. It is leaving with bare ground except for some slow melting snowplow piles and a forecast of several days of rain. During the month we had a mix of cold and warm days, three inches of snow, melt and freeze, flurries, but a few signs of spring!  Grackles, starlings, and Red-winged Blackbirds came back in large flocks about mid-month. Geese are flying back and forth from the fields over on Eastline Road to Round Lake. I spotted a Great Blue Heron flying towards the lake on the fifteenth when we had a 66 degree day. Walking in to Lake Lonely I spotted over twenty heron nests, many with herons in them, beyond the west shore. Ballston Creek Preserve had seven heron nests as of March eighth. Each day this week there is more and more open water where the inlet comes into our lake. Skunk Cabbage has appeared by Griffin's Ridge and the Zim-Smith trail. Judy Selig just told me she saw Coltsfoot, a wildflower, along the trail and has heard woodcocks making their peenting call and seen them doing their aerial display. This happens at dusk and dawn during spring in open areas. Lastly, I have snowdrops in my garden and a chipmunk scampering about. Here's hoping for an Awesome April!

Snowshoeing the Zim-Smith Trail

Snow Cone

All the Other Trees are Green with Envy

Sleeping Barred Owl in Peck Ave. Woods

Downy Woodpecker: It's all about Balance!



Snowplow Pile

Anchor Diamond Preserve Ballston Spa

Steps of the Hawkwood Mansion at Anchor Diamond Preserve

Yellow Trail through Hemlocks Anchor Diamond Preserve