Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Out and About: Spring in the Village and Beyond

Cheery Crocuses in Pat and Rich's garden in early April on Prospect Avenue

Snow on April fifth. I was out gardening when it started.

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker male on Red Pine on Peck Avenue drilling sap holes. There's a pair.

While the blue squill was flowering in my garden the bees were out in force.

Mallard Ducks on ice rink

Osprey fishing on the outlet during Earth Day

Osprey hovering looking for fish.

Turtles sunning on the outlet

Looking west from the Round Lake Preserve. The outlet is totally flooded across.

Looking east from the dock at the preserve. I have never seen it this flooded out.

Coltsfoot by the emergency access road to Griffin's Ridge

Dutchman's Breeches in the Rigney's front garden on Cleveland.

Wild Ginger at Shenantaha Creek

Red Trilliums blooming now in Peck Avenue woods along with Trout Lilies.

Hepatica at Shenantaha Creek Park

Lots of Skunk Cabbage at Orra Phelphs Nature Preserve in Wilton

Shenantaha Creek 
I also visited Ballston Creek Preserve towards the end of the month and only saw three heron nests. Back in March there were seven and a half. Herons will take sticks from neighboring or abandoned nests to add to their own. This could be the case or the fact we have had some very high winds that blew down the nests. I want to check back soon to see if more nests are being built. Also, the woods at this preserve are currently carpeted with pink Carolina Spring Beauty flowers. Hope you're enjoying the somewhat spring like weather!