Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Out and About: It's September Isn't It?

Right now I am wrapping my head around the fact that September is already here. I really enjoyed July and August and spent many days gardening, watching wildlife, hiking, camping and kayaking. It was another great summer for Monarch butterflies in the village. Many gardens have milkweed which supports the life cycle of this butterfly. Hummingbirds and a variety of butterflies also have generous flower plantings around town to take nectar from, as well as, supplemental feeders. Bald Eagles were sighted flying through town and above the lake. They hold their wings straight out without a curve. Their head and tail protrude out from their body and are white in adults. Juveniles have dark heads and tails. I love seeing Great Blue Herons flying and fishing. They look prehistoric to me. The Children's Taco Garden at the Round Lake Library was well tended by the two to five year old gardeners and some older siblings. We harvested lettuce, tomatoes, hot and sweet peppers, garlic chives, herbs and several mint varieties. At the end of the program we enjoyed a taco bar with homemade salsa and all the fixings. Well done gardeners!!! I have started to hear Great-horned owls hooting to mark their territory reminding me Autumn is coming. Hopefully, no frost for awhile as there are still tomatoes on the vine. Happy Back to School Everyone!
Monarch on Joe-Pye Weed. Sometimes there have been three on it at once.

Cabbage White Butterfly Blending in with Mountain Mint

Monarchs Love the Purple Coneflower Too

New Resident: Margined Leatherwing Beetle

Northern Catbird. I swear he calls out the name "Eric"

Lovely Lilies

Hanging in the Apple Tree

Bald Eagle Over Round Lake. Can You See It? It was high up.

Male Widow Skimmer on Liatrus

Female Ruby-throated Hummingbird at Butterfly Bush

Got to see the whole Monarch life cycle in my garden starting with the egg

Monarch Caterpillar and a Milkweed Bug on a Milkweed Plant

Monarch Chrysalis. An Hour Later...

Out Came a New Monarch. It dried off for several hours before flying away

Great Blue Heron Fishing at Putnam Pond

Sunflower House at Fort Ticonderoga

Why hadn't squirrels munched it down like in Round Lake? Look to the right.

AHA! An Osprey nest was just steps away. Although they mainly eat fish a squirrel would do in a pinch

Out on a Limb at Gull Bay Preserve

Too Crowded

Indian Pipe at Putnam Pond. No chlorophyll

Loon Family on Rollins Pond

This Loon came in to shore creating the waves and caught the fish

Black Duck visiting my campsite

Feel the Calm. Early Morning on Rollins Pond


  1. I think catbirds are calling me! "Aaron! Aaron!"

    1. I've listened very closely and I think you are absolutely right!!! haha

  2. So very beautiful! Love all the pictures. I wish you were with me and my sister in New Hampshire on a hike we took near here camp by Laconia. We heard this strange sounding bird and the first thing I said to Judy is “I wish Diane was with us because she would know the answer”. We think it was an owl �� but not really sure. I love your blog and can’t wait to go on a walk with you soon, I hope��!

    1. Hi Kathy! It must have been beautiful in New Hampshire. When I see you I'll imitate some owl sounds so we can figure out what you heard. See you soon.