Saturday, February 18, 2017

Out and About: Finally Snow February ninth - twelfth, 2017

After about four weeks of getting wintery mixes of snow, sleet, and rain, we finally got snow and lots of it! On Thursday, February ninth we got a snow storm which closed schools for the day. The snowfall was about 8 inches. On the tenth into the eleventh it snowed a few more inches. Then on Sunday the twelfth, it snowed all day and into the evening. About ten more inches of snow. Willy's Hill on Prospect Avenue was in full swing on Sunday with sledding , snowboarding, and even a kayaker!
Tracks along Peck Avenue Stream



Mourning Doves

Hang in There

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Out and About: Looking for W. Chuck

I went out looking for Chuck today. I know that he's out there, somewhere, in the village. Along with others, of course. I went to some of his past haunts and called his name. I waited and watched and Nothing! I don't blame him. These wintery mixes are getting old. Temperatures  are dropping again. And it's upstate New York. Spring will be here when it decides to be here.
Chuck a few years ago

My Garden Shed: Has roomed there in the past

Under Neighbor's Porch

Abandoned House on Ames Avenue

Wood Pile

Under Auditorium

(I think it's Cat Hair!) Auditorium
Stay warm Chuck and Happy Ground Hog's Day to you and your many family members!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Another Wintery Mix and then some Snow

We received a second wintery mix on January 23 - 24 which closed schools on the 24th. A week later on January 31st we just got snow without the add-ons! I got a report from Aaron that he is hearing Great-horned Owls hooting it up over on Mt. Morris. It prompted me to go into the Ballston Creek Preserve to see if any owls were occupying the heron nests. None were and I noted that there are nine nests and two partial nests. Last year at this time, there were fourteen Great-blue Heron nests and also an Osprey nest.  An active beaver lodge is still in place. Seven weeks until Spring!
Heron Nests at Ballston Creek Preserve


Male House Finch

What's Up?!

Branch Out

Work of the Pileated Woodpecker

Lake View