Friday, December 21, 2018

Out and About: November and December 2018

There are only a couple of hours left until winter officially begins. November seemed more like winter than December does as there was more snow last month and some bitter temperatures too. The day after Thanksgiving I took a walk around the village as Black Friday shopping is not my thing. There was snow on the ground and I began seeing turkey tracks as I walked south over Morris Road. I haven't seen a turkey flock in the village for a couple of years so I was excited. Then up ahead of me, crossing the trail into the woods, was a huge flock. They did a U turn and came through the woods back towards me. The turkeys were headed for Morris Road. I thought it was funny that they were a day late for the turkey trot which does go down Morris Road but they were a lot safer appearing the day after Thanksgiving! I counted around twenty birds. I also got a recent sighting of the Barred Owl which I haven't seen for a year and a half. Before Griffin's Ridge was built I would see it in a pine tree which was about where Sue and Tim's front yard is. Now the owl hangs out a stone's throw away behind their house between the trail and Herlihy Road. Enjoy the holidays everyone and a Very Happy New Year to you all!
Round Lake Turkeys show up a day late for the Turkey Trot

Headed Towards Morris Road

Skim of Ice on Lake November Twenty-third

Sleepy Barred Owl

Turkey tail Fungus Zim Smith Trail

Fallen Nest

Wild Cucumber Vine

Wild Cucumber Seed Pod

Puffed Puffballs Peck Avenue Woods