Monday, June 26, 2017

Out and About Round Lake June 2017

John Shafts and Jack Castle told me of a sighting they both saw a couple of weeks ago. They were down on Herlihy Road and noticed a small hawk ( probably Cooper's Hawk) go after a young owl in a nest. The mother owl attacked the hawk and the owlet fell out of the nest. The mother was successful in scaring the hawk off. John and Jack placed the owlet in the woods in hopes the hawk would not find it and the mother would care for it. The good news is that even though the owlet was not quite flying, they can use their bills and claws to climb up a tree, hopefully to safety. I went down and did find the mother in a tree. It is a Barred Owl. Several other residents have spotted her perched in a tree beside the road. John got a close-up picture of her during the attack. Ask him to show you. I have heard the Common Yellowthroat warbler on the trail and in Griffin's Ridge. I finally got a photo of it. It is a male and looks like a masked bandit. It sings whichety-whichety-whichety. There are also many many turtle eggs and shells down in Griffin's Ridge by the water run-off area. Happy Summer to all!!!
Barred Owl

Common Yellowthroat Warbler

Turtle Shells

Turtle Eggs

Poppies at Griffin's Ridge

Damselfly: Beautiful Color

Mallard Pair on South Lawn

Catalpa Tree in Blossom East Covel Avenue

Catalpa Blossoms on McDonough's Lawn

Monday, June 5, 2017

Out and About: Flowers, Monarchs, Turtles and Hummers

I have been trying to make time between planting my vegetable garden, to get out to see what's around. Every time I do, I come upon something interesting. Take a look!
Monarch Butterfly Egg on Milkweed

Wild Phlox at Griffin's Ridge

Soloman's Seal- Enjoyed by Hummingbirds

Tree Art on Cleveland Avenue

Baby Snapping Turtle on South Lawn

Mama Snapper at Griffin's Ridge


Mellow Yellow Ames Avenue

Hail from a Recent Rain Storm

Female Ruby-throated Hummingbird