Saturday, November 11, 2017

Out and About: The Party's Over!

I had a great run with my pepper and tomato plants up until a couple of days ago when they finally got zapped by frost and a twenty-six degree morning. On November ninth the whole village was covered in frost and the lake was totally fogged over. I had picked peppers and green tomatoes the night before and didn't bother to cover the beds with sheets this time. I brought pots of herbs into the kitchen and discovered my dog likes parsley as I found him nibbling on it. Flowers in neighbors' gardens were doing well too but the party is over for us gardeners. Time to think of what pies we'll have at Thanksgiving and when the first snow will fall.
November Peppers and New Flowers

Even Turning Red and It's November

Found This Zuke Hiding Under Leaf Litter

Cullinan's Roses Going Strong

Dee's Morning Glories

Beautiful Colors

A Pink Boar Tomato in November Sunshine

Grass Tassles

Norma's Rose

Foggy Morning at Round Lake


Frosted Montauk Daisy on November Ninth

Even Spider Webs Got Frosted