Friday, October 13, 2017

Out and About: Frost Free So Far

We had a frost warning for our area this morning but luckily, dodged it. I still have tomatoes and peppers on the vine ripening and basil to pick. I covered the beds with sheets and was happy to see that nothing was zapped. Late season flowers have been magnets for bees and butterflies. The last sighting of a hummingbird was on October fifth. We may see eighty degrees on Sunday. I'll take it and hope my tomatoes and peppers keep cranking!
Pink Boar Heirloom Tomato Has a Nose!

Colorful Zinnias on Peck Avenue

Dried Mullein: Was used as torches by Native Americans

Mullein: Fuzzy leaves and yellow flowers

Gray Hairstreak Butterfly on Goldenrod

Monarch and Bee on Asters

Still Producing