Saturday, July 23, 2016

Around the Village in Photos: July 15 - 21, 2016

A couple of sightings from neighbors this week - Gil Rigney had the first ever Bluebird in her yard, drinking from the birdbath. It must have flown over from Florence's house where Bluebirds are working on a second brood this season. Karen St. Martin told me that she saw a turkey up in a tree in Schoolhouse Park. It got her attention as it was squawking loudly. She got her binoculars to check it out and said it was huge. It flew off towards the lake. I've had a lot of hummingbird activity in my garden especially early in the morning. A new garden resident has moved in and is not at all concerned about us coming and going. Enjoy these lovely summer days!

Hang In There

Lovely Lupine

New Garden Resident

Coming in for a Drink



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