Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Out and About: It Got Above Freezing Today!!!

Thirty-eight degrees feels balmy after the arctic cold that we've endured since after Christmas through the first week of the new year. My dog, Jamis, refuses to leave the house in booties and a coat, so we haven't gotten farther than the yard in quite awhile. Today we ventured out and walked through the woods and south along the Zim Smith trail. I could take my gloves off to take a few pictures without worrying about frostbite! I had Green Hour at the Round Lake Library today and I read a book with the children about animals that live under the snow in the winter. There are signs in the Peck Avenue woods of the Red Squirrel. It looks like they have made some underground hide-outs there. If you walk straight back to a bit before the stream, you can see some small holes. Colin S., who was at the program today, worried about how the squirrels would find food. There are cones on top of the snow and squirrels will also dig down to find edibles like hickory nuts. There is also the Peterson's bird feeder, which I have seen a Red Squirrel sitting in and dining from. The children made a beautiful ice feeder today, filled with fruit, seeds, and nuts for the birds and, of course, squirrels! It is hanging in the Children's Garden behind the library. Hope to see you out and about. Happy New Year!!!
Snow-capped Nest in Peck Avenue Woods

Another Nest with Tissues Incorporated Into It

Gnawed Tree Trunk

Red Squirrel Hide-out

Another Entrance to Red Squirrel Abode

Pine Cones are Super Abundant This Season

Ice Feeder with Fruits, Nuts, and Seeds

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