Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Out and About: Ice-Out Take 2 and Signs of Spring

On the last day of March we had a mix of snow, sleet, freezing rain and rain for a twenty-four hour period. On April first the snow was melting and gone and ice left the lake for a second time this season. I guess it would be considered the second ice-out. Finally we are beginning to hear and see signs of spring. The peepers and wood frogs can be heard along the Zim-Smith trail. I unearthed a toad while clearing my garden. Spring flowers are in bloom, birds are singing and village residents are out and about enjoying sunshine and very warm temperatures. Eighty-seven degrees on April eleventh. Happy Spring Everyone!!!
Mr. Toad

Pollinators are Out and About

Pat and Rich's Crocus on Prospect Avenue

Go Away!!!


Snowdrops at the Rigney's on Cleveland Avenue

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