Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Got Out Again

So I got out snowshoeing again on Sunday January fifth, this time going with my husband, Dan.  We drove to the end of Ruhle Road South and parked. After strapping on snowshoes, we headed toward the pedestrian bridge between Rhule Road north and south. Right before the foot bridge there's an unmarked trail which will take you into the woods heading toward Shenentaha Park. The trail is gorgeous! Up on the ridge to the left is the Zim-Smith trail and down to the right is the creek. Soon the trail comes down to the water and is marked from this point on. There is also a trail to the left which ascends up to the Zim-Smith trail. We stayed on the trail by the water which eventually brought us up to the park. Check it out!
Start of Trail

Looking Up At Zim-Smith


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